KNV Chemicals

Global Sourcing Specialists
KNV Chemicals Inc.
18 Muirhead Crescent
Brantford, ON N3R 7S5
519 750-1532


Chemicals in a laboratory.

At KNV, we are motivated by challenges and strive to provide unique technical and commercial solutions for our customers.

If we cannot find what you need, we can custom design a cost-effective equivalent through our toll manufacturing network in North America, India, and China.


  • Equivalent specifications (or better)
  • Custom manufacturing (as required)
  • IS0-registered manufacturing plants
  • Test samples and lab analysis
  • Ensure compliance with all required HS&E regulations (i.e. Reach)


  • Disclosure of manufacturing locations
  • Represent only top-tier manufacturers
  • Access to plant and lab technical support
  • Plant-site visits available on request
  • Product applications assistance


  • Handle all shipping & transfer details
  • Warehousing for JIT shipment
  • Firm pricing for blanket orders
  • Ensure compliance with all labeling and transportation requirements